The following are the 5 requirements that are needed in order to join Theta Tau:

  1. Must be in good academic standing with the university (which is a 2.0 GPA).

  2. Must be pursuing an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) certified degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Computer Science.

  3. Must be 18 years old by the time of your initiation. You must also not be in your first semester with Old Dominion University as a recorded GPA is required.

  4. Must not be within 6 months of graduation.

  5. Must not be part of any competing organizations listed below:

    • Alpha Omega Epsilon

    • Alpha Rho Chi

    • Alpha Sigma Kappa

    • Sigma Phi Delta

    • Sigma Rho

    • Kappa Eta Kappa

    • Triangle

    • Phi Sigma Rho

If you have any questions or looking to get more information on the requirements and rush process please email